Frida by Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo (f 1982) er en spansk kunstner som arbeider med store murvegger, illustrasjoner, malerier, bøker, klær, sko og tatoveringer. Han har arbeidet med blant annet Cirque de Soleil, Nike, Converse, Levi´s og laget en egen bok om musikk. Han jobber bredt, fargesprakende og tydelig, med en ufattelig detaljrikdom.

Symboler og arketyper i kunst har alltid fascinert og inspirert meg. Enkle bilder som treffer noe dypt inni oss, og forbinder oss med hverandre på tvers av tid, sted og kultur. Akkurat denne følelsen får jeg når jeg daglig ser de fantastiske illustrasjonene til Ricardo Cavolo på instagram. Jeg har fulgt ham en stund, og jeg kjenner meg igjen i arbeidene hans. Jeg måtte bare ta en prat med denne talentfulle kunstneren!

Saint Dragon by Ricardo Cavolo

Saint Dragon by Ricardo Cavolo


CP: Can you tell me a bit about your background. Where do you live and work? Where did you grow up? How did you start drawing and creating your art?

RICARDO: I was born and raised in Salamanca (Spain), a small University city close to Portugal. My father used to be a painter, so our house was the very painting studio. This means I grew up already in that brushes, colors, canvases and paintings universe. I started drawing as any other kids, we do it at the same time. The secret is I never stopped doing it. I enjoyed so much that time of myself drawing, it was my perfect place, so I decided that should be my way of living. After preparing myself now I’ve been working as professional for the last 6 years.


CP: What is symbolism to you, and why have your symbols touched so many people?

RICARDO: I love to tell stories in my work, not only drawing a nice character and using powerful color. I need something else behind of it. So symbolism is the way to add more angles and details to the main story. Symbols are something universal, we usually know that a simple drawing means something deep and powerful, so we are used to find symbols everywhere and try to find the meaning, it is a game.

Russian Tattoo Man by Ricardo Cavolo

Russian Tattoo Man by Ricardo Cavolo

CP: What does the burning heart with the eye symbolize?

RICARDO: It is about doing things in life in a true and sincere way (heart), with passion (fire) and with a rational point of view as a balance (eye) at the same time.

CP: What kind of art moves you?

RICARDO: Any kind of art, always made in a true and sincere way. But I specially love painting, photography, literature and cinema.

Tarot Cards by Ricardo Cavolo

Tarot Cards by Ricardo Cavolo

CP: What is style to you?

RICARDO: Style is doing things in your own way, based on your way of thinking.

CP: Tell me about your book 101 Artists To Listen To Before You Die.

RICARDO: Well, that’s a two years ago book, I’m working right now on the new one. Anyway, that book about the musicians was a great experience. I love and need music desperately, so I thought about creating a personal diary, speaking about a few things of mine, but through music. You can know someone based on his music profile. And at the same time it as a lovely tribute to some of my favorite musicians and bands.

CP: What was it like to work for big companies like Nike and Levi´s?

RICARDO: It is always great to work with big companies. You get more visibility. And it is a matter of feeling proud of yourself, because there are so many artists doing interesting things and when a big company chooses you, it is something great.


CP: I read that you closed your Facebook page. Why?

RICARDO: Yeah, it is not useful anymore to me. I started to using it in a professional way, but it is too clumsy and too social for my purposes. I prefer to use instagram, more direct social network. And I decided I didn’t need two social networks for my work.



CP: What is the best advice you can give to young artists?

RICARDO: Live, live and work. You need to live things to tell in your work. And at the same time you need to work and be professional.

The artist!

The artist!

Follow Ricardo´s work here  & @ instagram

All photos by Ricardo Cavolo.



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