Verdens hotteste kunstscene befinner seg i Miami hvert år den første uken i desember. Art Basel Miami Beach er søsteren til originale Art Basel som ble grunnlagt i 1970. Å få vise arbeidene sine her er uoppnåelig for de fleste. Hit kommer verdens fremste kuratorer, museumsdirektører, samlere, kunstelskere, fashionistaer og celebrities for å se det nyeste av verdens moderne samtidskunst.

En av de nye unge talentene jeg så der i år heter Liz Prohira, og hun viste det fantastiske kunstverket “Goals”, et basketballnett laget i 24 karat gull og syntetisk hår. Liz er opprinnelig fra upstate New York, og er utdannet på Parsons school of design. Hun bor og arbeider med kunst i Miami, og stilte ut “Goals” på utstilligen til Scope på Miami Beach. Jeg ble helt bergtatt av dette verket, og har vært så heldig å få et lite intervju med Liz Prohira:

CP: What was it like to show your work at Scope during Art Basel Miami?

Liz Prohira: It felt unreal- I didn’t really know how to process being there or how to prep my expectations, so I tried to have none. This was not my first Art Basel, but was my first time showing my work. Like always Basel is a whirlwind of too much art in too little time. It is always my goal to see and experience as much as possible. This year I had the same intent, just with a little added pressure/excitement that my work was also in the mix. Overall it was an amazing platform to get my name and artwork out there. And for me, very successful as I was able to sell two pieces.



CP: Talk about “Goals”…

Liz Prohira: For me “Goals” is an achievement years in the making. The inspiration came about four years ago when I found an old basketball rim- at the time I was really into crochet and I envisioned creating a beautiful net. The process has literally taken me years- the materials, colors and shape have all shifted but the ultimate goal remained in tact. In this last year I really found myself struggling with the piece, constantly questioning Was it right? Was it perfect? What should it be? All of these questions I was asking myself seemed to mirror a common struggle that I think a lot of Millenials can relate to- the struggle for aesthetic perfection. Hair goals, life goals, body goals..the list goes on and on- all with this unrealistic and unattainable ideal. That’s when the true meaning of the piece came to light. goals- the strive for acceptance and appreciation of beauty in the present.


CP: What materials do you like to work with?

Liz Prohira: I am really into textiles- yarn, fabric and now hair. I like crocheting, weaving and sewing. I also really like working with multiple small objects to create larger installations.

CP: What inspires you?

Liz Prohira: Everything-especially color. As a visual person I constantly seek beauty in all things around me and when I can’t find it that’s when I am inspired to create, to visually fill that void.


CP: Goals for the next year?

Liz Prohira: Continue to create- to complete the “Goals” series. I am about to release two new color ways that I am very excited about. And then to start to pursue where I should head next- where do I go from here? It’s a bit daunting to think about but exciting just the same. As long as I’m in pursuit- I know I’ll be happy.

Liz Prohira

Liz Prohira

Follow her here http://lizprohira.com/ & instagram @lizprohira .

Photos: Liz Prohira

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